The Denouement of an Exciting Journey

You've made it! This bittersweet year is the last you'll spend in McGill Physiology. You can almost taste that diploma and you know you're excited for the Physiology grad event. We're happy to tell you that the previous years in the department are well worth it once you've reached U3! You have A LOT of options on what courses to take for your upper level PHGY and upper level science classes. Now's the time to look back on all the previous courses you've had and pick out your favorite subjects, even if you just learned about them for a few weeks, because chances are you have the option to take entire classes devoted to them. There are even options that you might be completely new to, it's never too late to find a passion! Besides the wide diversity in course subjects, the U3 class options also offer many different grading schemes. No more having 5 classes each with a 30% midterm and a 70% final- these courses offer a mix of presentations, weekly summaries and discussion, term papers, non-cumulative class tests, midterms and finals. Make sure to check the course syllabi to find the best fit for you!

Rest assured, this year will fly by in no time, so be sure to make the most of it and stay involved with as many physiology events as your undoubtedly hectic schedule permits!


In U3, there is no required physiology course. You need to choose 9 credits of upper-level physiology (ULP) courses from a wide pool of available PHGY, EXMD, and other life science courses. Be careful! The Honours Project course (PHGY 461D1/D2) is worth 9 degree credits, but only fulfills 3 ULP credits! Also, not all EXMD courses can be credited towards ULP, as some such as EXMD 504 are considered upper-level science (ULS).

For more information, please consult the departmental website.

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