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Since its inception, the Physiology Undergraduate League of Students has been the elected student society at the service of undergraduate students in the Department of Physiology at McGill University.

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PHGY Friday #5: The Calm Before the Storm

And another PHGY Friday!

Now that midterms are *mostly* over (shoutout to 311 and 451 kids who have class tests until the end!), we invite you to another PHGY Friday! Gotta take advantage before finals kick in!

Come join us for some free BEvERages at Gert's this Friday!

U1 Honours Orientation

Are you in U0, U1, or perhaps U2? Have you ever wondered what your future looks like? Whether you should explore Honours, Major, Joint Major or Interdepartmental Honours? If you ever had these questions, perfect! This is the event to go to. We want to explore with you the pathways you can take while studying in physiology.

PULS have recruited speakers, who are students in these programs, to come and explain to you the necessary courses you need to take, the grade requirements, and the important dates to mark on your calendar for your application. Also, as these speakers are undergraduates too, they can share with you some first-hand experiences going through the paths.

So what are you waiting for? Mark on your calendar, November 22, 7PM, McConnell 204. See you all there!

For more details, see the Facebook event.

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The Physiology Undergraduate League of Students (PULS) is the elected student government of the Department of Physiology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Views expressed on this site are not necessarily those of McGill University, or McGill University's Department of Physiology.

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