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Since its inception, the Physiology Undergraduate League of Students has been the elected student society at the service of undergraduate students in the Physiology Department at McGill University.

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"Joining PULS was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did I make amazing friends on the council and in my program, but I also learned so much about running different programs and working as a team. PULS does a great job of bringing together the students of the physiology department, and truly made my experience at McGill so much fun. I miss my time on council a lot but I know that it’s in great hands! PULS truly cares for and works hard for the students in physiology, and the department wouldn’t be the same without it!"

Monika Noble, PULS 2018-2019

Office hours

PULS holds office hours in McMed 1017 from 11:30AM — 3:30PM Monday through Friday. At least one council member will be present in the office to sell coursepacks, NTCS, clothing orders, samosas (on Wednesdays), and answer any questions about PHGY. We also rent lab coats and goggles, and anyone is welcome to hang out or study in the office before lab sessions or classes. The schedule is subject to change without notice; all cancelled office hours will be posted on the PULS Facebook page.

Latest news

Apr 14, 2020

PULS 2020-2021 Cpuncil

Election results are in! Thank-you to everyone who took the time to vote and congratulations to our 2020-2021 executive council! 😃

President – Anna Zarzycki
Vice President – Léo Han
VP Finance – Meagan Quigley
VP Internal – Sara Nam
VP Academic – Julia Forestell
Communications Director - Emma Dallaire
Charity Director - Dylan Delaney
VP Athletics & Publicity – Malcolm Ryan
U3 Representatives – Bilal Ali & Isaiah Williams
U2 Representatives – Safiya Rizwan & Tapi Simbabure

Mar 13, 2020

COVID-19 updates

We know a lot of things are changing very rapidly at the moment given the developing situation of Covid-19. We are monitoring this situation closely and want to inform you of updates to PULS services and operations in the near future. As well, if you are feeling overwhelmed or worried about anything going on, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member on council – we are here to help you in any way possible. From one science student to another, please educate and properly inform yourselves on the disease. This is not a time to spread fear and misinformation or complain about minor inconveniences, but to appreciate the privileges we have for living in a city able to adapt so quickly and act to lessen the eventual burden on our health system.

PULS-organized events (Journal Club, U1 Board Game Night, intramurals, PHGY Olympics) have all been cancelled or postponed for the time being. Social distancing is a necessary and crucial measure that we need to take right now and we urge all other student organizations to cancel their large and small-scale events.

Office hours will be cancelled for the duration of the shutdown, and greatly reduced in the case that McGill reopens.

If you are a current subscriber to NTCs offered by PULS, they will be made available to you via Google Drive for the next few weeks. If you need to purchase a set of NTCs, you will need to message the U1/U2/U3 rep for that class.

Visit our Facebook page for more information.

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