Physiology Undergraduate League of Students


Since its inception, the Physiology Undergraduate League of Students has been the elected student society at the service of undergraduate students in the Department of Physiology at McGill University.

PULS Executive Council Elections

We are currently in election season. See below for the individual candidate platforms.

All students registered in a physiology undergraduate program are eligible to vote in the elections.
This includes students from Major Physiology, Liberal Physiology, Honours Physiology, Joint Physiology and Mathematics, Joint Physiology and Physics, and Interdepartmental Honours in Immunology.

The campaigning period is currently ongoing and the voting period is scheduled from April 3 to April 7 2017. Voting is done online using the SSMU Simply Voting system and is easy, secure, and confidencial. Please make sure to vote for next year's council! It literally takes 30 seconds!


Saijel Patel

Candidate for President

Hey PHGYs! I’m Saijel and I’m running to be your next president of PULS! I’m a U2 Honours Physiology student and love to dance and eat (anything and everything) in my free time. I have absolutely loved my last two years with council, as U1 Representative and VP Finance, and would love the opportunity to serve again. My main goal for next year is to bring the entire physiology department closer together. Personally, I could not have gotten through the past few semesters (RIP PHGY 311 and 312) without friends who understand exactly what I’m going through. I would like to organize both social and academic events in which PHGY students from all years can come together in a stress-free environment to enjoy a free moment outside of the library and make new PHGY friends!

On a more serious note, PHGY isn’t exactly the easiest major one could pick and it can get overwhelming at times. Mental health and wellness are such important aspects of life that are often overlooked. McGill has an amazing counselling service, however it can take up to months to make an appointment with them. One of my goals as president would be to initiate a counselling service specifically focused on PHGY students, consisting of both peers and professors. I hope that one day the PHGY major is no longer considered one of the most difficult majors at McGill, but the most interesting and enjoyable majors offered. The most important part to me that each and every one of you has an amazing time in your undergraduate career and I would be honoured to help you in any way possible!

Lunan Zhao

Candidate for President

Une version française suit.

Hello PHGY friends,

My name’s Lunan, and I am honoured to be running for your PULS President for the upcoming year. Serving on PULS this past year as U2 Representative, I was greatly inspired by the many new initiatives that we succeeded in offering to the PHGY community. As president, I would further develop these projects to benefit as many PHGY students as possible.

Academic: Streamlining communications between professors and students. With more student feedback, professors may better adapt course content and assessments to help students succeed. In response to past council mediations, many of the 300-levels emphasize clinical views of physiology and have lower-stakes assessments to foster learning.

  • Organizing student-led tutorials and a centralized bank of practice problems for all 300-level PHGY courses
  • Offering mid-course online evaluations for students to give professors direct, anonymous feedback earlier on.
  • Lobbying for more student representation in PHGY-course/program working groups

Social: Revitalize PULS social events to sustain the interest of our diverse student body and better foster community.
  • Organizing more social events in the beginning of both semesters and a low-cost PHGY cabin retreat
  • Funding more student-led initiatives through opening a formal application process (past projects included scientific journal clubs and intramural teams)
  • Increase therapy dog and meditation sessions to value self-care and mental health
  • More transparency: posting meeting highlights in listservs

Future Paths: Opening more opportunities for PHGY students to apply the skills and knowledge that we learn.
  • Communicating with professors to host more research-involvement events (helping students to more easily get positions in labs)
  • Networking for more student-led events (by former PHGY graduates) on possible paths following graduation (grad school/medical school applications and experiences, gap year experiences, industry jobs)

Thank you for reading! Looking forward to meeting you.

Salut les amis de physiologie, Je m’appelle Lunan et cela me ferait plaisir de vous représenter comme président de PULS. Cette année j’ai eu l’occasion d’être le représentant des U2 parmi PULS. Les initiatives que nous avons poursuivies afin de mieux aider les étudiants de physiologie m’ont beaucoup inspiré. En tant que président, je développerai les projets suivants. Au niveau académique: améliorer la communication entre professeurs et étudiants. Avec plus d’écho de la part des étudiants, les professeurs pourront adapter le contenu de leurs cours à leurs besoins.
  • Organiser du tutorat guidé par des étudiants et une banque de problèmes pratiques pour tous les cours de PHGY du niveau 300
  • Offrir des évaluations en ligne après la première moitié de la session
  • Préconiser une plus grande représentation des étudiants

Au niveau social: Offrir plus d’évènements afin de mieux promouvoir un sens de communauté.
  • Organiser plus d'événements sociaux variés pour valoriser la santé mentale
  • Financer des initiatives dirigées par les étudiants

Ce qu’on envisage pour le futur: Plus d’occasions pour les étudiants de PHGY d’appliquer la théorie enseignée dans les cours
  • Communiquer avec les professeurs pour organiser plus d’événements reliés à la recherche (aider les étudiants à trouver des positions dans les laboratoires)
  • Créer plus d’événements guidés par des étudiants PHGY récemment diplômés en visionnant les différentes voies académiques possibles (partager leurs expériences sur les années sabbatiques et les emplies dans le domaine de la recherche et expliquer le procès d'admission pour les études du 2e cycle et en médecine)

Merci d’avoir lu! Hâte de vous rencontrer!

Marissa Aycan

Candidate for Vice-President

What’s up physiology!!! I’m Marissa and I’m running to be your next Vice-President! I’m currently in U2 studying physiology and math (I’m a nerd, I get it) and served as one of the U2 representatives on PULS this year. PULS has been incredibly rewarding, and I would be thrilled to continue advocating for students, planning and attending social events, and bringing the needs of the physiology students to the rest of council, SUS, and the faculty.

As vice president, one of my main goals would be to strengthen the physiology student identity. Our classes are riddled with students from other majors until U2 (which is great because we are all best friends), but it does make it a little difficult to meet and connect with people in your major. I want to start the year off with “Welcome to PHGY” events, to provide opportunities to get to know your fellow classmates, which I highly recommend attending, as getting to know physiology students has been one of the highlights of my U2 year. I am a strong advocate for promoting student life, and will always be around to have a chat, a coffee, or a drink. Basically, I love physiology and want more PHGY friends!

As I reflect on my U2 year in PHGY, I believe I understand many of the challenges that students face, and will use my position to communicate to the staff and faculty to ensure that all grievances are corrected, and students remain a priority.

Finally, I would work my absolute hardest to make sure that each and every one of you has the most positive experience at McGill possible. I’m a huge believer in the ‘work hard, play hard’ sentiment, and can’t wait to do both with all of you next year!

Alborz Kia

Candidate for VP Academic

Hey PHGY! I’m Alborz, currently a U1 student in the running to be your VP Academic for the 2017-2018 academic year – I was also one of this year’s U1 representatives on PULS, a role which brought me in close quarters with the concerns and demands of Physiology students. I became fully immersed at the start of the winter term with organizing events, advertising, and reaching out to students throughout the department who were eager in improving their academic understanding, or needed a helping hand.

There were a couple issues I kept at the back of my mind, hoping I’d be given the opportunity to impact students’ departmental aspirations by acting as their outspoken voice. The first was my noticing how many students were struggling to find research positions for themselves – as a continuation of Christina’s work on the issue, I aim to promote collaboration between myself, professors and other organizers by hosting multiple events in the interest of aligning students’ goals with a Physiology laboratory group. I hope that dissolving any inhibitions students may have of approaching faculty members, they will present themselves better and become excited about a prospective assistant position.

A second concern I hope to bring deserved attention towards is the availability of student resources, specifically in 300-level PHGY courses and in laboratory courses (PHGY 212 and PHGY 213). I aim to organize tutorials for PHGY 311 with the help of Physiology students who have already taken the course, and push for departmental involvement in recruiting a course TA. For incoming U1 and some future U2 students, I also hope include lab apparatus videos before some of the more challenging labs, and to discuss changes in the weighting of the laboratory and exam components.

Thank you for reading, and for having your input in this election!

Simona Bene Watts

Candidate for VP Academic

Hi fellow physiology students,

My name is Simona Bene Watts and I’m super excited to be running for VP Academic! As a U2 student finishing up winter semester, I've just experienced (arguably) the four most grueling courses of your PHGY degree. My platform focuses on creating more resources for your success in these courses and your future career.

For example, I would like to advocate for a formal teaching assistant in Physiology 311 as well as establish a practice problem bank. I would also like to reduce the price and size of PHGY 312 course packs. I believe the cardiac physiology section is redundant as you can download it for free on MyCourses. I would also like to collaborate with the McGill Library Staff and organize an event teaching skills in academic research. U2 and U3 physiology courses focus largely on academic paper composition and I believe PHGY students could be better equipped to handle these assignments.

In addition, I would like to subsidize Level 1 First Aid Certification and American Sign Language courses for all undergraduate physiology students. I know that most of you are thinking of a career in healthcare and these skills would be of great benefit.

Lastly, I know how intimidating getting involved in research can be and I would like to continue Christina’s (your current VP Academic’s) hard work. This includes continuing to hold events such as “Research in PHGY,” an event where professors looking for research assistants give a brief overview of their research.

As VP Academic, I would act as a liaison between physiology students and the McGill Physiology Department. I am very familiar with PULS as I was U1 representative on PULS last year. I am dedicated, highly motivated and all-in-all just really love physiology!

Zoe Verzani

Candidate for VP Finance

Hello my name is Zoe Verzani and I am in U1 Physiology. I have been on PULS council for almost a year now as the U1 Representative. I found it an incredibly rewarding experience and would love to continue my involvement with PULS council as next year’s VP Finance. I currently hold the title of VP Finance on the SSMU service club McGill Walksafe and was appointed to continue for next year as well. I have learned a lot through my involvement with SSMU and would like to apply this knowledge to PULS council. As VP Finance, I plan on doing the best I can to work with SUS and as a team player with the rest of council to make every Physiology student’s experience at McGill the best it can be.

Kieran Sharma

Candidate for VP Social

Hey PHGY! I’m Kieran, currently in U2 Honours Physiology, and I’m very excited to announce that I’m running to be your VP Social for 2017-18. Some of you may know me as your Science Games captain this past January, a week that I fondly remember (somewhat) as a beautiful union of PHGY students in the spirit of fun. I think we can all agree that while we love our program, it can be taxing at times (to say the least), so I will make it my mission to plan fun extracurricular events where we can all get to know each other and blow off some steam, for solidarity purposes if anything. These include the classic apartment crawls, wine and cheese, and end of year formal, where I’ll be looking for maximum attendance from all you fun-loving people. I also want to turn PHGY Fridays into a full-fledged event, so I encourage you to join me at Gert’s for a beer or four, on the house! Other fun activities I’ll be looking into are karaoke, pub trivia, mini putting, beerio kart, ski trips, and anything else you guys are feeling. Basically, I want to get to know all of you and have a lit year, because at the end of the day, we are all best friends. And if we can put together a strong contingent for Science Games 2k18 and finally take down our friends in Anatomy and Neuroscience, I’ll be able to graduate with zero regrets. So come live it up with me, PHGY. We deserve it!

Mathew Hindi

Candidate for U3 Representative

Hey fellow Phgys, my name is Mathew Hindi and I am in U2 Honours Physiology and I am very excited to be running for your U3 Rep of PULS!

As U3 Rep, my main goal would be to ensure that every student has the best possible experience in their last year in physiology. Since this is your last year in McGill physiology, things can get busy with course load, graduation coming up and other events. My main goal is to make sure all these events run smoothly and successfully and to minimize your stress during this process as well as make sure you have an unforgettable last year!!

I am a very approachable guy, trust me. If you have any concerns about any courses specifically or about any events, graduation, or other concerns I would be happy to listen and try to resolve any of these concerns to make your last year at McGill the best possible year!

A big part of my job is communication and organization. It is very important that your U3 Rep communicate events and announcements to you through facebook, email (Listserv) in which I will make sure all students are up to date with any events that may be of interest to you.

A huge part of this job also involves organizing the U3 graduation dinner. As your U3 Rep I will ensure that any requests or concerns you have about this are listened to and taken to heart to ensure all phgy students have an amazing time and an unforgettable U3 graduation experience.

I will also plan many exciting events (such as lazer tag, phgy sports) that will help make your U3 year the best year yet! Together we can make our last year an unforgettable experience!

Hannah Saven

Candidate for U3 Representative

Hi friends! My name is Hannah and I’m currently a U2 Honours Physiology student. I’m super excited to be running for U3 Representative for next year. For many of us, next year will be our last one at McGill, so being involved with the Physiology department will become very important in the upcoming year. As U3 Representative, I will continue sending and updating the weekly listserv with both professional and social events occurring within the Physiology department and beyond. I intend to work with the other members of PULS to introduce and organize some cool new events for U3 physiology students such as a trip to a trampoline gym in the Montreal area. Furthermore, I will make sure that the traditional events like the U3 Graduate Dinner run smoothly. I will update all U3 students about any information pertaining to graduation. Lastly, it is important to me that U3 students have a memorable and fun final year at McGill, so I want to plan events where physiology students can spend time together one last time.

Yossef Levin

Candidate for U2 Representative

- Ma plate-forme électorale en français suivra -

Hello fellow physiology students,

As U2 representative, I hope to make the second year in physiology an amazing year packed with awesome events as well as great academics. As some of you may know, U2 is probably the most rigorous year in the physiology major and therefore I will make it a priority to ensure that the 300-level physiology courses are well supported throughout the year. As such, NTCs will be set up promptly and delivered in an effective manner so that those that use the service will have it in their reach as soon as needed. Furthermore, I will do my utmost best to make certain that all 300-level physiology courses are recorded and uploaded in an efficient manner. We all have those days where we just cannot make it to class and that is why the recordings are, in my opinion, a very important component to student success. However, it will not just stop there, as I hope to fill the year with awesome opportunities for us physiology students to get together and support one another as we move forward in our undergraduate journey. Finally, in the end of the day my main goal is to make U2 physiology an amazing year and that is exactly what I hope to do, if elected.

Therefore, when voting period runs from Monday, April 3rd to Friday, April 7th, make sure to get out there and vote so that we can make U2 the most successful and amazing year yet.

On another note, every year there are two U2 representative positions available on the PULS executive council. However, all the candidates running for the position must each campaign alone. Therefore, it is in your best interest to vote for two U2 representatives as in the end of the day, there are two positions available under that portfolio.

- Version française -


En tant que représentant de U2, j'espère de faire de la deuxième année en physiologie une année remplie d’événements impressionnants. Comme certains d'entre vous le savez, U2 est probablement l'année la plus rigoureuse en physiologie, donc je vais faire une priorité d'assurer que les cours de niveau 300 en physiologie seront bien soutenus, tout au long de l'année. En tant que tel, les NTC seront mis en place rapidement et livrés d’une manière efficace afin que ceux qui les utilisent l’auront à leur portée, dès que nécessaire. En outre, je ferai de mon mieux d’assurer que tous les cours de niveau 300 en physiologie sont enregistrés et téléchargés d’une manière efficace. Nous avons tous des jours où nous ne pouvons pas aller en classe et c'est pour ce raison là que les enregistrements sont, à mon avis, un élément très important pour la réussite des élèves. En plus, j'espère de remplir l'année avec des occasions impressionnantes pour rassembler les étudiants de physiologie afin de soutenir leurs morales pendant que nous avançons dans notre voyage de premier cycle universitaire. Enfin, à la fin de la journée mon objectif principal est de garantir que l’année U2 en physiologie sera une année magnifique dans toutes les sens possibles et c'est exactement ce que j'espère de faire, si élu.

Par conséquent, lorsque la période de vote s'étend du lundi 3 avril au vendredi 7 avril, assurez-vous d'aller voter pour que nous puissions faire de U2 l'année la plus réussie et la plus étonnante que jamais.

Pour clarifier, chaque année, il y a deux postes de représentant de U2 disponibles au conseil exécutif de PULS. Cependant, tous les candidats doivent faire leur campagne électorale toute seule. Par conséquent, il est dans votre intérêt de voter pour deux représentants de U2, car à la fin de la journée, il y a deux postes disponibles pour cette position.

Kelsey Capiendo

Candidate for U2 Representative

Hey Phgys! I’m Kelsey Capiendo and I am very excited to be running for your U2 Rep of the Physiology Undergraduate League of Students (PULS).

My main objective as U2 rep would be to listen and provide assistance to U2 physiology students either academically or in general. I would like to conduct a survey among students about what kind of activities would be of interest and follow through with event planning along with the other U2 rep. A few ideas I have in mind would include events with free food or booking study rooms especially around exams when finding seats in a library is a challenge. Additionally, I am also very open-minded to suggestions.

By representing U2s, I would like to cater towards the desires and needs of physiology students. In doing so, I hope to have greater turn out at events as well as to unite physiology students so that they may feel like a closer community. Furthermore, I would like to continue and improve the quality of NTCs for all of the U2 physiology courses, ensuring concise and well-written notes are being provided.

Lastly, I’d like to be the voice for any U2 phgy student whether it is a concern or suggestion. I believe I am an approachable person who is a great listener and will strive to best represent any and every U2.

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