Notes, revolutionized

The Note Taking Club (NTC) offers custom class notes for the following classes:

  • PHGY 210
  • PHGY 311
  • PHGY 312
  • PHGY 313
  • PHGY 314
  • PATH 300

NTCs are a great way to study the class material in a time-efficient manner. PULS hires student writers to take detailed notes in class about the material presented in the lecture. Then, these notes are edited by PULS appointed editors before being delivered to students shortly after the lecture date. If for whatever reason, you are to miss a lecture, NTCs are a great way to catch up on material. They are also concise, but complete, meaning that they are very useful for reviewing for the final exam.

NTCs can be purchased at the PULS office for 40$ for the entire semester, or 15$ per section of the course. They can be picked up at CopiEUS in the McConnell Engineering Building several days after a lecture takes place, or you can check their website to keep up to date.

Disclaimer: NTCs are written by undergraduate students currently registered in the class, and are not official course material. In the case of conflict of information, always follow the professors' material.

If you wish to become a (paid) writer or editor, PULS recruits in the first weeks of class, so stay tuned for in-class announcements, or contact your PULS U1/U2 reps!


If you don't carry cash on you, it's possible to purchase any product or service sold by PULS through eTransfers. eTransfers are a secure and easy way to transfer funds between individuals and us, and all major banks offer it. Let us know if you'd like to pay by eTransfer and we will provide a specific email address and security question to use.

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