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The Physiology Undergraduate League of Students is the student government of the Department of Physiology at McGill University

By the time you graduate with your physiology degree, you will have concrete and integrated knowledge about the way the human body works to keep us alive and well day in and day out. A degree in physiology is a phenomenal stepping stone to other health related fields as it encompasses the studies of biology, chemistry, biochemistry and even some physics (don’t worry, not that much!), allowing you to understand (as opposed to regurgitating facts) the dynamic processes of human physiology. That being said, the physiology undergraduate league of students (PULS) is there to help you along the way and make sure that your three years in physiology are truly a blast.

In the academics department, PULS organizes course packs, NTCs, and a student-lead mentoring program called “Synapse” which pairs every U1 student with a U3 student, giving you the info that only an experienced physio veteran could provide! To top that off, PULS also holds a host of social events because we understand that the secret to a successful undergrad is a balance between studies and a social life. PULS organizes BBQs, camping trips, a semi formal, wine and cheese, Mt. Ste-Anne ski trip and much much more!

PULS is located in McMed at 1017 and our office hours are from 10:30-2:30 Monday to Friday. Everyone is always welcome to come by for info or just to hang out in between classes. We hope to meet you soon!

Our members

Saijel Patel


Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Honours Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Cellular and molecular physiology
Favourite cell: CD8+ Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte
Favourite building on campus: Second Cup in Stewart Bio (coffee is bae)

Hey PHGY pham! I’m Saijel, your PULS President this year! I’m a huge fan of having random dance parties, photobombing strangers’ (or friends’, really just anybody’s) photos and signing up for 17 credits worth of classes, then dropping one right before Add-Drop. I am from the USA/Switzerland/India and my life goal is to eat my way around the world. Fun fact: my spirit animal is a red panda. I love making new friends, so come hang out with me in the PULS office or find me at PHGY Fridays!

Marissa Aycan

Vice President

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Joint Major Physiology and Mathematics
Sub-field of interest: Epidemiology
Favourite protein: Sonic Hedgehog
Favourite building on campus: The 5th floor of Schulich library

Hi friends!!! I’m Marissa and I’m your vice-president this year! If you’re ever looking for me in the PULS office, I’m the one wearing a hat (probably backwards) and dancing whether or not there is music playing. I’m from Toronto and I love camp and canoe trips, playing sports, watching hockey (go Leafs go), and eating ice cream. I’m also part of a small but mighty squad of physiology students who also happen to love math. I can’t wait to meet and hang out with all of you at PHGY events this year (please be my friend), and I’m proud to be a part of this amazing department!

Zoe Verzani

VP Finance

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Major Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Environment
Favourite building on campus: Burnside
Favourite protein: Prion

Hey PHGY pham! I'm Zoe the VP Finance this year. You may remember me from last year as the U1 Rep. I am so excited to be on council again this year! I'm from New York and love to go hiking, rock climbing, and skiing. When I am not in the PULS office, I can usually be found studying in Redpath or carrying my compost bin to New Rez. I am pumped to start the school year and can't wait to see you all at PHGY Friday$!!!

Kieran Sharma

VP Internal

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Honours Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Neurophysiology
Favourite cell: Blob cell
Favourite protein: MAP kinase kinase kinase

Hey friends! I’m Kieran, and I’m your VP Internal this year! I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in the UK, and then went to high school in Toronto. Now I’m in my final year of the Honours program, so you can usually find me in the lab studying neural circuitry. I’m super pumped to plan some lit social events for you guys this year, including a huge PULS/NUM/PILS/MSPS apartment crawl and our annual ski trip, wine and cheese, and end-of-year formal. I’ll also be hosting PHGY Fridays at Gert’s every other week (second semester location TBD), so come hang out with me and all your PHGY friends and have a beer or four, on the house! I can’t wait to meet all of you and have an unforgettable year!

Simona Bene Watts

VP Academic

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Major Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Rural Canadian healthcare, but I also really like plants.
Favourite Cell: IHCs (Inner Hair Cells)
Favourite system: Reproductive system

Hello, my name is Simona and I am your VP Academic for the year! I’m from a small town in rural British Columbia and will never pass up an excuse to be in nature. I love to travel, cook, garden and practice ballet and yoga. I am also an avid coffee drinker. I look forward to meeting you all. Please come up to the office and chat anytime!

Mishaal Hukamdad

Charity Director

Program: Honours Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Cardiovascular physiology
Favourite protein: Pikachurin
Favourite cell: Hippocampal Place Cells

Hey PHGY friends! I'm Mishaal, your Charity Director for the rest of the school year! I grew up in South Africa and finished my last two years of high school in Toronto. You'll probably find me somewhere on the hike to McMed or anywhere with coffee! When I'm not studying, I love doing any adventurous activities or exploring the city. I can't wait to meet all of you at our awesome PHGY events! Feel free to visit or message me for anything, PHGY-related or otherwise!

Diana Lin

Computer Director

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Major Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Computer science (Programming)
Favourite system: Gastrointestinal tract
Favourite physiological mechanism: Actin-myosin interaction

Sup fellow PHGY students! I'm Diana, your computer director this year. Being from Vancouver, BC, I barely survived this summer's heat wave. I live with two adorable cats even though I'm allergic. I'm in U3, trying to make the most of my last year at McGill so I'll be at most of the PHGY Fridays! Come hang out, and get free beer on PULS :) I run the current PULS website and will be the one answering your emails and Facebook messages. Feel free to HIIIIIIIT ME UP! (especially if you play Pokémon Go!!!)

David Bertrand

VP Atheltics and Publicity

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Major Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Musculoskeletal physiology
Favourite cell: Osteoclasts
Favourite building on campus: McMed (obviously!)

What’s up PHGY! My name is David and I’ll be your VP Athletics and Publicity! My job is to take care of the PHGY clothing order and organize all the athletic events for the year. I was born and raised right here in Montreal, so while I’m not as well-traveled as some of the other members of PULS, I like to think that I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating the city. When I’m not in class or hiking up the hill to McMed, I can often be found hanging around the PULS office, so please drop by if you want to chat! I’m excited for what’s sure to be an amazing year with the PHGY pham, and I hope to see you all around!

Mathew Hindi

U3 Representative

Program: Honours Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Cardiology
Favourite cell: Cerebellar Purkinje cell
Favourite organ: Heart

Hey everyone! My name is Mathew and I’ll be your U3 Rep this year! My job includes making sure U3s are informed about graduation and to help organize events to make sure that everyone ends their time at McGill off in the best way possible! I’m from Victoria, BC (a small city near Vancouver) and went to private school my whole life. I am currently doing an honours project with Dr. Shrier and enjoying my 4th year courses. Secondary to my love for food, I’m a pretty big athlete and love sports such as soccer, baseball and swimming. I hope to meet everyone this year at the great events we’ll be hosting and I’m looking forward to a great year!

Hannah Saven

U3 Representative

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Honours Physiology and Minor Art History
Sub-field of interest: Cell and molecular physiology
Favourite system: Immune system
Favourite cell: Dendritic cell

Hi friends I’m Hannah, one of your U3 Reps for 2017-2018! I’m from a woodsy town in New York and I love cooking, reading, and exploring the city. I can most likely be found hanging around the PULS office drinking coffee and eating bagels. In case you haven’t heard, PHGY Friday is pretty great so come chill with us!

Yossef Levin

U2 Representative

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Honours Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Experimental surgery
Favourite organ: Kidney
Favourite physiological mechanism: Countercurrent multiplier system

Hi PHGY friends! I’m Yossef, one of your U2 Reps this year!! I was born and raised in Montreal but deep down in my heart I’m Russian as that’s where my parents are from! When I’m not studying like crazy, you can find me at the GYM trying to stay in shape, or at least that’s what I tell myself I’m doing! Feel free to chat with me about anything ranging from physiology to the classic struggles of a student’s life! Looking forward to meeting you all this year!!

Kelsey Capiendo

U2 Representative

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Major Physiology, Minor Kinesiology
Sub-field of interest: Kinesiology
Favourite amino acid: Phenylalanine
Favourite cell: Stem cell

Hi, I'm one of your U2 reps, Kelsey. I am from Winnipeg, MB. I enjoy warm summer days, trying new foods, exploring Montreal and I absolutely love dissections! Feel free to visit or message me with any questions or concerns! If there's any way I can make your U2 year in phgy any better, I'd love to help!

Sakiko Ohashi

U1 Representative

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Major Physiology, Minor Biotechnology
Sub-field of interest: Psychology and philosophy
Favourite organ: Brain!
Favourite protein: Beef but I like chicken too (in all seriousness, probably aldehyde dehydrogenase)

Hey pham♥ I'm Sakiko, one of your U1 Reps this year! I'm from Japan, although I've spent roughly half my life in the States. You'll most likely see me running around campus (yay to back to back classes!), in RVC trying to finish up my meal plan, or honestly anywhere with food! Can't wait to meet you all at our events and feel free to hit me up whenever, whether it be about PHGY or anything else!

Jamie Halperin

U1 Representative

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Major Physiology
Sub-field of interest: Surgical medicine and Classical violin
Favourite protein: Caspases
Favourite book quote: "Always", Severus Snape from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Hey PHGY Pham! My name is Jamie and I’ll be one of your U1 Reps on PULS this year! I was born and raised in Montreal, but spent 99% of my life in the West Island, so I really do feel like a tourist in my own city half the time! In addition to being passionate about the human body, I’m a die-hard Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fan, a nap enthusiast, a violinist, a decent tennis player, a board game fanatic, and a passionate lover of sushi. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you this year!

Joanna Li

IHI Representative

Photo Credits: Seb Vautour

Program: Interdepartmental Honours Immunology (IHI)
Sub-field of interest: History and classics
Favourite cell: Double positive T cell
Favourite study spot: The GIC on Burnside 5th

Hello PHGY and IHI friends! I’m Joanna, and I’m the IHI rep this year. I will likely be spending half my time serving as the PHGY-IHI liaison and the other half attempting to explain that long IHI acronym. Otherwise, you’ll probably find me outside basking in the sun or happily working away at my lab bench! I also love to skate, go running at “unreasonable” hours (mornings are bae ok), and I aspire to be forever caffeinated. Come say hi at the office, stop me on campus, or just shoot me an email – I would love to chat with you about anything in science/life!

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